The Anthropocene Epoch is a term that encapsulates the effects we, as a species, are having on the Earth

and its inhabitants. We now exist in a world of accelerated extinction rates, suffocating pollution levels

and mass deforestation, to name just a few, as well as an unabated population explosion.


It highlights the detachment between nature and human interaction and how nature

is becoming altered through human activity.

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The crux of my work is inspired primarily by the natural world and the rapid decline of species and habitats, focusing on the impact we humans are having upon the natural world, and how we play a fundamental part in this struggle for survival.


This idea of man made objects becoming intertwined with the landscape and becoming part of our geological make up, due to their lack of biodegradability, both fascinates and horrifies me. It is quite a sobering thought that potentially, in thousands of years, there is going to be more remnants of man made substances as evidence of the Anthropocene than organic plant and animal matter.

In this time of uncertainty and instability I am questioning what part can art play?

Can it address these environmental problems that are being entrenched in stone?